How to fix Brexit

I've got the solution for Brexit.  Theresa and Jeremy, check it out. The basic idea is to do a runoff.  Not an instant runoff, just a regular one. Start first with the "Irish backstop" i.e. what to do with Northern Ireland, in case of Brexit.  The Irish Republic will remain in the EU, if the UK and Northern Ireland leave, then what to do with the border?  Right now, it's an open border that you can drive across.  When it was closed, there was violence - the Troubles. Various answers are possible - a closed border, an open border, perhaps with a time limit, various compromises like free passage of people but not goods, and even the radical solution of ceding Northern Ireland to the Irish Republic. Prepare a ballot with all the possibilities.  So long as even one MP favors it, it gets on the ballot.  Then have Parliament vote.  A free vote, or let the whips run, whatever. If one of the choices gets a majority, then that's it.  A definite Irish backstop is ch

New blog...

Here goes a new blog.  It's been a few years since I created one.  I needed a place for my political thoughts.  Some might find them boring or even offensive, but for those that are interested, here goes.